Sep 09 2020

Consultative Workshop on Physical Rehabilitation Centre Guidelines for Physical Rehabilitation Centers in Cambodia

Sector: Disabilities

Purpose of event: To define the criteria (inclusion and exclusion criteria) to identify relevant services users and their pathway through the Physical Rehabilitation Centers in Cambodia.

Expected Participants:

  • Representatives from Cambodian Disabled People Organisation (CDPO),
  • Representatives from Person with Disabilities Foundation (PWDF)
  • Representatives from Physical Rehabilitation Center
  • Representatives from Exceed
  • Representatives from Humanity & Inclusion (HI)
  • Representatives from Help Age Cambodia
  • Representatives from Old People Association
  • Representatives Motivation of Australia (MA)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Delegation and ACCESS Team

Chaired by: PWDF, MA, and ACCESS Team​

Expected number of participants: 40 people