ACCESS 2 program first Provincial Coordination Committee meeting in the Kampong Cham Province

ACCESS 2 program first Provincial Coordination Committee meeting in the Kampong Cham Province

The Provincial Coordination Committee (PCC) is a key governance mechanism applied by the Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services—Phase 2 (ACCESS 2) program. Meeting every six months, the PCC strategically assesses program progress and risks, while ensuring key program activities are agreed and aligned with provincial priorities.

On 19 June 2024, the ACCESS 2 Team Leader co-chaired the first Provincial Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting in Kampong Cham with the Deputy Provincial Governor. The meeting provided a valuable briefing on key progress made, presented the ACCESS 2 annual workplan for Year 2, and identified potential areas of synergy for the coming quarter. Representatives from the subnational level, ACCESS 2 Strategic Implementing Partners (SIPs), ACCESS 2 focal persons, and DFAT representative all provided guidance on the ACCESS 2 annual workplan and its key linked activities towards benefiting persons with disabilities and survivors of GBV.

Her Excellency Pang Dany, the Deputy Provincial Governor emphasized the significance of the PCC workplan as a joint effort. She highlighted that the workplan will be used as a tool to monitor progress and performance, shaping service delivery. She expressed hope that the input from participants would be a real asset in the upcoming implementation activities to support services for persons with disabilities and survivors of GBV.

Ms. Sophia Cason, Team Leader for the ACCESS 2 program, provided an overview of the ACCESS 2 program and its achievements to date. “ACCESS 2 marks a shift in focus from support at the national level towards a more robust policy advocacy and the implementation of quality and sustainable service delivery at the subnational level. This is partly why the Provincial Coordination Committees are so important,” Sophia said.

Mr. Soy Sakhorn, Executive Director of the Representative Self-Help Disabilities Organization in Batheay District, expressed the significance of the meeting. He noted that it provided an opportunity to raise concerns of persons with disabilities and to learn more about key activities in the annual work plan. He will share this information with other Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) to implement activities effectively.

To conclude the meeting, the co-chairs endorsed the PCC annual work plan.

ACCESS 2 plans to work collaboratively with relevant national and sub-national authorities to contribute to the implementation of priorities outlined in the National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women (NAPVAW) and the National Disability Strategic Plan (NDSP).

Through ACCESS 2, the Australia Government recognizes and hence supports the essential two-way connection between the national and sub-national levels, that are necessary for grounded policy and inclusive service delivery, with ultimate benefits for persons with disabilities and survivors of GBV.